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Tiny Pawz goal is to create a unique & loving experience for your special “fur” family member.  
Are you an animal owner who, like me, can’t seem to find that comforting atmosphere in a boarding facility? 
Do you put off or not go away because you just can't leave your special one in a cage?

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Tiny Pawz is dedicated to  “quality care of your fur family”. We are there when you want to go away on vacation without stress or worry, have family emergencies or just want to give your dog a safe and fun place to go during the day while you are at work.

Tiny Pawz caters specifically to small breed dogs.  We average 6 dogs at a time in our new facility. Each one of our four-legged clients is able to benefit from extra hugs, scratches behind the ears, cuddles and one-on-one playtime. If your little one is scared or anxious, we are right there to comfort and make him or her feel better!

Its a "family affair" here.. all my clients are treated to extra love and attention from the entire adult family.  Extra laps to lay in.. extra hands for ear rubs.. 

Tiny Pawz has moved in to Okotoks!  I will still be running the company from here but on a much smaller scale!  Please contact for spaces available.

"Tiny" Our Bed, Bark & Breakfast namesake was rescued from a "puppy farm". Tiny and my other rescues in our family are my inspiration everyday!  My goal is to provide tender love and kindness to our helpless little ones that wish only for a safe and loving place to live, love and give back to us unconditionally.
Tiny Pawz was such a great experience for us and our dogs! Laurie and Terry opened their house up to our dogs, Zoe and Tinkerbell. Zoe and Tinkerbell had a great time going for walks, cuddling up by the fireplace, and were treated as if they were one of their own pets! I would highly recommend Tiny Pawz, a home away from home! 
                                                            Troy and Tammy Wielgus - Okotoks